5 Ways To Use Any Fight As An Opportunity For Deeper Intimacy2

5 Ways To Use Any Fight As An Opportunity For Deeper Intimacy

3. Own your feelings.

You and you alone are responsible for how you feel. We are each a unique constellation of memory, patterns, imprints, beliefs, astrology, and so on. The way something inspires us to feel is different from how it might make another person feel. Our partners, friends, and other people we meet along the journey of life are not here to save us from ourselves.

Rather, our relationships and interpretations are a mirror that show us what is within us. When we feel angry, sad, rejected, etc., it is up to us to own that and communicate that. We are accountable to ourselves, always and only. It is up to us to be curious about what might be beneath that old feeling, like unresolved memories, wounding, and so on.

Healthy relationships are often a sanctuary where we finally feel safe to resolve the unresolved, so it is normal and healthy for unresolved material to arise. Because of that, it is beautiful to let our partners know about our sensitivities so they can be considerate and help us apply the healing salve of love.

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