7 Reasons Why Fighting Is Good For Your Relationship2

7 Reasons Why Fighting Is Good For Your Relationship

2. You will feel better.

Letting off steam and expressing your feelings releases tension, anxiety and fear. When this happens I feel “unburdened,” lighter,” “like a weight is off my shoulders.” Not only does this feel better, it is a healthier state when anxiety and stress, with accompanying harmful hormones, are dissipated (this does not mean venting or dumping toxic shit on your partner).

Keeping emotions bottled up all the time leads to rigidity of the mind, body and soul. This is not an academic position. In one of my earlier relationships, I was so unable to deal with my partner’s emotional expression that I got an ulcer.

3. Your partner will know your thoughts, feelings and opinions.

When you are able to fully express yourself, your partner will understand the depth of your feelings about the subject. If you say, in a quiet and unobtrusive manner, “I don’t like it when you do X,” if your partner hears you, they will think you are mildly irritated about some little thing. If you are able to put some volume and intensity in the communication, they will get that this is important to you.

Fighting has a tendency to bring out our worst tendencies. But it can also bring out our best attributes once we work through the tough stuff. In this process, we get to know the good, the bad and the ugly of ourselves and our partners, and still love them.

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